Major Letdown Records


"Almataha is a furious blast of noise, enough to strip the paint off an old cargo van, hopeful and nihilistic and incredibly pissed-off." -bestselling author Mishka Shubaly

Colorado Punk Rock Army

Great Hardcore? Look No Further!

 When it comes to hardcore punk, there are certain things you expect: fast buzzsaw guitars, pounding drums and those over the top throat ripping vocals. Almataha’s latest effort delivers that in spades! Personally, I loved the little “vintage” atom bomb instructional intro on Illusion Wall. While this sort of thing has been done before, it’s fun and tasteful. Plus, with the warning siren in the background, it does feels like the big one is about to be dropped. Duck and cover!

 The rest of the album quickly aligns with the sound and feel of “Wall” and doesn’t let up until the very end. This band needs to make its way to Milwaukee, they would do very well! Can’t wait to see what else these lads (and lass) come up with next.