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Almataha was originally conceived in 2016 as a project between punk veteran Johnny Quesada and his 15-year-old daughter Bella Quesada, as a vehicle to teach the nuances of how to form and maintain a band in the aspects of song writing, business and professionalism all within their mutual love for punk music. The band began recording in March 2017 with the addition of Trondy Goderstad on vocals, and was finally rounded out by drummer Max Arbess in late August 2017. Almataha combines the influences of hardcore, thrash, street punk, crust and UK82 to form a sound described by one fan as reminding them of “the old shit”. The band played its first show on September 24th 2017 at the Seventh Circle Music Collective’s 5-Year Anniversary. 
The name Almataha (Arabic for The Maze), was chosen around the concept of “The Maze” as being everything which surrounds and hinders us as human beings. Jobs, religion, government, peer pressure, indeed life itself, it is all Almataha. We all navigate the maze, we all live the maze; indeed, we are all, Almataha. The bands lyrics focus on all of these concepts and constructs, and try to bring attention to the new oppression and the frightening rise of neo-fascism taking place in America under the presidency of Donald Trump. Almataha will always stand for basic human rights, the defense of the marginalized, and the right of all humankind to live peacefully and without fear of oppression. Almataha is a hardcore punk band from Denver, Colorado.
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